Getting the people side of Organizations working effectively

Mountain Associates

Welcome to Mountain Associates, specialists in supporting you and your workforce to work together for the benefit of the organization.
We equip people with the tools to enable sustained performance improvement. We don't offer a "quick fix" but instead understand that improved productivity comes with improved morale, energy and effective relationships. We can provide you with a compass for dialogue so that, instead of going home stressed because of poor relationships and strategies, you are clear thinking and effective. Choose from our range of interventions by clicking the link in which you have a particular interest - coaching, open workshops or inhouse consultancy / training. We also have articles to download.

About Us

Mountain Associates have over 40 years of experience enabling clients to promote development and growth in organizations.

As two of less than ten experts in the UK qualified to teach Organizational Transactional Analysis, you will benefit from techniques that focus on solutions not on blame. Our continuous professional development ensures you have access to the most current approaches in the field including a range of other relevant theories and techniques applied to enable you to meet your objectives.

What our clients and customers say about us

"Mountain Associates use a lot of approaches other than just TA in their work. When studying TA with Anita I have learned a lot about other models and a lot about life. On a personal level I have learnt a lot about myself, my feelings and my behaviour; I now have more of an understanding of who I am. This has enabled me to bring to the workplace a style of leadership with which I feel more comfortable. The training course gives me the understanding I need to deal with my staff, effect changes and run the business in a people centred way.

The Work We do

Training and Consultancy

Mountain Associates offer bespoke programmes to get the people side of your business working effectively. Using Transactional Analysis we equip your team with the tools to enable improved morale, energy and productivity - with guaranteed results.

What is Transactional Analysis (TA) ?

These pages are intended to offer basic introductory information about some of the concepts developed within Transactional Analysis. They do not form a substitute for undertaking TA training. To become Certified as a qualified Transactional Analyst takes around four years and to become a trainer of Transactional Analysts takes an average of a further five years.